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26 January 2021 @ 10:23 pm
Hello everyone,

I hope you don't mind if I state some rules here. It's not hard to follow since they're all simple. ^.^

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Feel free to reply with your opinion/idea and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Just reply here, and I will reply back. ^_^


- ichigotvxq
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★  東方神起 multimedia site ★
13 July 2020 @ 02:33 am
 hey guys.. i saw ive got a lot of pending requests... grrrr 

i wanted to add all of  you unfortunately.... i reached the max limit of 1000 friends only hihihih...

nway, how are you guys?? :))
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26 January 2020 @ 12:28 am
Hello everyone,

I just decided to upload some fancam videos of  DBSK. But, they can only view by my friends. I had my reason why I want to set up this rule, so please respect me for my decision. Everything will be in public view except for some of my entries. e.g. owner post, rant, and also some subbed videos and more important are the fancam videos. I hope you understand.

Feel free to reply here and add me if you want to be my friend. I'm not forcing you to add me, so you can choose whatever you want.

Thank you for reading this.

- ichigotvxq

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21 June 2010 @ 01:41 pm

Put this as a PINNED TOPIC for a mean time, then will reorganize my entries later.

here's my friend who shared this for us!!

Do you often wonder why there are files that are named .001, .002 etc and how they can be played after you download them? Or after you downloaded all these number files, only .001 file can be played by your media player but not .002 onwards?

The reason I created this tutorial was to answer the questions above. As you realise, sometimes media files are too large in size to upload as one single file, which is why many people use file-splitting programs to divide one large file to several smaller files.

HJ-Split is a popular file-splitting program that I recommend for people to download and use.

One, it’s for free.
Two, it doesn’t take an aeronautical engineer to work out how to use it after the first try.
Three, I haven’t had any problems with it so far.
Four, it isn’t a large program to download.



Credit Tutorial seimeinohana 
(simple) Template Credit: ichigotvxq 


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17 September 2009 @ 06:07 pm
i have this since yesterday but dont have luck to upload coz my connection was really annoying.
I never knew some japanese ppl also visting my site hahaha ^^
thanks Dear <3

File Name: [AUD] JaeChun - SHELTER (preview) [DNBN].mp3
Size: 1.57 MB
Host: Mediafire

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Credit: DNBN
Upload credit: ichigotvxq @ LJ

★  東方神起 multimedia site ★

Host: Mediafire

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Credit: alwaysjj
Upload credit: ichigotvxq @ LJ

Saying Thank U is enough when downloading my reuploaded files.


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16 September 2009 @ 08:51 am

File Name: [CM] Pinky Making Movie Gallery.flv
Size: 5.80 MB
Duration: 1min15secs
Host: Mediafire

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Credit: pinky japan
Upload credit: ichigotvxq @ LJ

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this is my first time hearing and i totally lurve it!
love the beat and Jae's smooth voice!

File Name: [AUD] Been So Long - JaeChun (full song) [xxchronoxx].mp3
Size: 5.03 MB
Host: mediafire
Duration:  5mins28secs

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Credit: xxchronoxx + alwaysJJ
Upload credit: ichigotvxq @ LJ

Saying Thank U is enough when downloading my reuploaded files.
Thank U ^^


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connection was so damn slow T_T

Host: Mediafire (Use HJsplit)

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Credit: faw | ichigotvxq @ GOE;SS CB
Upload credit: ichigotvxq  @ LJ

Saying Thank U is enough when downloading my reuploaded files.

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oh so sorry for this one.. ive got this very very late... been almost a month when i got it but never dl it since i wasnt online for a month.

so for those who want a very hq photos. here u go:


File Name: [F&I] 090806 Jinju Fireworks (Jaejoong) [18photos].rar
Size: 24.3 MB
Type: jpeg
Dimension: 13xx x18xx (ORIGINAL)
Host: Mediafire

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Credit: F & I (me)
Upload credit: ichigotvxq @ LJ

Saying Thank U is enough when downloading my uploaded files.
And please proper credit when taking it out!